Annual Conventions of Origami Deutschland e. V.

Origami Deutschland organizes an international convention once a year. A variety of workshops, an origami exhibition where participants can show their latest models, an open house for local visitors on Sunday morning, paper and book shops and lots of time for folding are all part of the agenda. Each year, we are happy to invite a special guest from Germany as well as two international special guests who will host unique workshops and exhibit their latest creations. Every year 200 - 240 origami enthusiasts join us for the convention. Non-members of Origami Deutschland are also welcome to participate.

On this page you will find additional information on our next annual convention (place, date, invitation, special guests, registration forms, deadline for contributions to the annual model collection and so on) as well as reviews of past conventions.

34th International Origami Convention in Bonn from 3rd to 5th May 2024

Dear fellow folders,

We cordially invite you to our 34th International Origami Convention in Bonn near Berlin.
It will take place at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V., Bonn from 3rd to 5th May 2024.
As special guests we will welcome Barbara Janssen-Frank (Germany), Oriol Esteve (Spain) und Winston Lee (United States of America).
On this page you will find all important information and the registration forms.

We are looking forward to a weekend full of folding with you!

Your board

Special Guests

Ehrengäste 2024 Photos: Barbara Janssen-Frank, Oriol Esteve, Winston Lee
Design: blau DRUCK, Gera


Invitation (PDF)
with all important information regarding the convention


Convention registration is possible via Origami Deutschland only. This applies to folders as well as non folding participants.

Maximum number of participants: 250
We still accept registrations until we are at maximum capacity.

For registering please select one of the online application forms below (send a separate form for each participant).
Please note our Annotations to Convention Fees (PDF).

Application forms:
(For smartphones, please use landscape format.)

Registration as Participant Staying at GSI Bonn (15 years and older)

Registration of a Child as Participant Staying at GSI Bonn (0-14 years)

Registration as Daily Participant (15 years and older)

Registration of a Child as Daily Participant (0-14 years)


Who wants to give a workshop?
Please complete and submit the Workshop Form until 31st March 2024.

Model Collection - Call for diagrams

The deadline for diagrams is 15th March 2024. We will publish two diagrams per author only. Contributing authors will receive a copy of the model collection.
If you send in additional diagrams we kindly ask for your permission to publish them in a future edition of our magazine "der falter".

Please send us the Confirmation of consent for publication (PDF) together with the folding instruction.

Contact person: Robin Scholz

Ordering a copy of the model collection

Please note: Members of Origami Deutschland (as of 5th May 2024) will receive the model collection free of charge at this year's OD convention or, in case of non-participation, by post after the convention (1 copy per member or family in case of family membership).
Folding participants of the convention aged 15 and over who are not OD members will also receive a copy in Bonn. The price is included in the additional fee for non-members.
Additional copies can be ordered via e-mail to .

Order deadline: 20th April 2024
Price per copy: 15 EUR
Shipping costs:
1 model collection within Germany: 4,80 EUR
2 - 3 model collections within Germany: 5,60 EUR
Worldwide shipping: prices see plus 0.80 EUR packaging.

Origami Competition 2024: At the sea, under the sea and more to see

Please take your model with you to Bonn. If you are not able to attend please send your models until 26th April 2024 to Marlene Rostig (address see invitation).

Conditions of participation:
1. The folded model must be clearly related to the competition theme.
2. You may only use paper for your entry. Auxiliary materials (glue, thread, etc.) are allowed.
3. Required information: model/title, author, folder, auxiliary materials.

All submitted models will be presented anonymously (without giving away the folder‘s name). Participants of the convention will choose their favorites. The artists with the most votes will receive small prizes.


Like each year there will be the opportunity to present models in an exhibition. We would be pleased if you could limit yourselves to half a table so that everyone can find a place in the exhibition.

Origami to go

We will provide a table for origami models and origami paper you want to give away. Anyone who wants to add or choose a few items is welcome.