Other Events

October 2024

Northerner Meeting in Oldenburg
19-20 October 2024
Invitation (details, contact and so on)
Dinner menu for Friday/Saturday

Origami Conventions in Foreign Countries

I love Origami

August 2024

Hungaria: 34st International Origami Convention in Pecs
9-11 August 2024


Origami Deutschland stand at the DoKomi, 28-30 June 2024

Please contact Franziska W. Schwarz if you would like to participate (e-mail address see contact page).

Rostocker Bonsaitage, Nikolaikirche Rostock, 28-29 September 2024,
with origami exhibition

If you would like to help with setting up the exhibition and folding with the visitors, please contact Antje Vagt (e-mail address see contact page).