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The library of Origami Deutschland currently includes more than 350 books and numerous magazines of foreign origami societies. Our archive, which is like the library in Ribnitz-Damgarten, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, stores more than 1,600 issuses of the magazin der Falter, collections of material and society documents.

Society Members can borrow books, special prints, convention books and society magazines from the library.
It is also possible to buy some remaining der Falter issues, special prints and convention books.


Magazine der Falter, Special Prints and Booklets, Convention Books

Orders may be placed by postal mail to:

Origami Deutschland e. V.
Postfach 5623
26046 Oldenburg

You can also order via email to:

All orders are shipped by post. The invoice price is the mentioned price below plus shipping costs.


der Falter

All back issues can be purchased by members.
Out-of-print numbers: 1, 5, 59, 60, 62, 66

EUR 3.00 per issue

Ernst Bläuenstein: Geometrische Konstruktionen 3. Grades mit Papierfaltungen

Special print, 1997

Price: EUR 3.00


Booklet, 2008

Price: EUR 3.00

20 Years Envelope and Letter Fold Association
E.L.F.A. 1988 - 2008

Booklet, 2008

Price: EUR 3.00

Convention Books
of Origami Deutschland

Erkner 2014
Bonn 2022
Erkner 2023
Bonn 2024

Price: EUR 15.00
Price: EUR 19.00
Price: EUR 13.00
Price: EUR 15.00