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Advent Calendar

by Matthias Eichel

with star by Lewis Simon

Photo/Folder: Matthias Eichel
For folding tips see below.

Folding tips for the Advent Calendar by Matthias Eichel

The bags are each folded from an A4 sheet of clay paper on which the Crease Pattern is printed. This makes the folding easy and quite fast. When printing, make sure that actual size is set, then it will fit exactly. You can vary the numbers according to your taste. In the original the square shape has a size of 5x5 cm.

The folding instructions for the star by Lewis Simon were published in the conference proceedings Origami Deutschland 2005, in Origami 3 by Robert Harbin and NOA Kessakusen 2.

Many thanks for the folding instruction to Matthias Eichel.

The Pentagon Calendar for 2021 is online!

Many thanks for the folding instructions to Stefan Delecat.

Pentagon (large)
Pentagon (small)

Regional Meeting „Bremen-und-umzu“: Origami in Times of COVID-19

Picture 1 (by Barbara Janssen-Frank)
Picture 2 (by Renate Britz)

Stern für Gabi Horn, Dresden

Diagram by Matthias Eichel

Stern für Gabi Horn

Photo: Matthias Eichel

New Book: Origami - 25 Sterne

by Carmen Sprung
Origami - 25 Sterne
Cover: Carmen Sprung

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New Book: Shaping Paper: Breathing Life into Origami

by David Gachepapier (Author) and Dáša Ševerová (Illustrator)
Foto: David Gachepapier

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