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Cover: Franziska Schwarz
Layout: Nancy Ehrlich (blauDRUCK)

New Book: Shaping Paper: Breathing Life into Origami

by David Gachepapier (Author) and Dáša Ševerová (Illustrator)
Foto: David Gachepapier

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Origamikunst made in Flensburg:
Bo Origami - "Wenn ich etwas können will, muss ich es üben!"

01.12.2019 - 19.01.2020 at Phänomenta Flensburg

Exhibition opening: 1st December 2019, 3 p.m.
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The Pentagon Calendar for 2020 is online!

Many thanks for the folding instructions to Stefan Delecat.

Pentagon (large)
Pentagon (small)