News on Our Society and Around the Art of Paper Folding

Exhibition of Origami Deutschland at the 15th Rostock Bonsai Days (02. - 04.11.2018)

Photo 2: Gryphon / designed by Kade Chan / folded by Hannes Ebell
Photo 3: New Rose and Minute Rose / designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki / folded by Antje Vagt,
Lampionblume / designed by Evi Binzinger / folded by Antje Vagt
Photo 4: Elephants / designed by Lionel Albertino, Artur Biernacki, Evi Binzinger, Edwin Corrie, Neal Elias, Kunihiko Kasahara, Junihiko Kasahara, Fumiaki Kawahata, Miguel Romero, Valentin Vaquero, Stephan Weber / folded by Stefan Delecat
Photo 5: Tausend Kranische / traditionell / folded by Marlene Rostig
Photo 6: Stars / designed und folded by Carmen Sprung
Photo 7: Squirrel (2:1), Pelican, Deer standing, Bambi, Rhino, Elephant / designed by Peterpaul Forcher / folded by Matthias Eichel

The Pentagon Calendar for 2019 is online!

Many thanks for the folding instructions to Matthias Eichel and Stefan Delecat.

Pentagon (large)
Pentagon (small)

Stefan Delecat: Euro Shirt with Tie

Video folding instructions on


Photo: Stefan Delecat

Administrative changes

We've made a few changes to our board this year. It now consist of:

Marlene Rostig - Chairwoman
Jens Boll - Vice Chairman
Ulrike Krallmann-Wenzel - Head of Correspondence
Antje Vagt – Treasurer
Elisabeth Fischer - Archivist
Franziska W. Schwarz - Head of Digital Media

Previously, the position of archivist also included the management of the library and book rentals. Ulla Münch will handle these tasks in the future.
Furthermore, Monika Peter is now in charge of membership administration.

The new board members will hold their position until the next election, which is scheduled for June 9, 2019.

We give thanks to everyone who held any office and are looking forward to working with our new team members.

SWR Fernsehen RP, TV report, 12/07/2018:
Faltlabor in Mainz - Informatiker eröffnet Origamiwerkstatt