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Cats: Franziska Schwarz
Layout: blau Druck Gera, Nancy Ehrlich

Northerner Meeting (Nordlichtertreffen) 2019, 19.10. - 20.10.2019

Place: Hamburg, Holstenglacis 6 (Aula der Abendschule Vor dem Holstentor)

11th Middle German Origami Day, 26.10.2019

Place: Chemnitz

The Pentagon Calendar for 2019 is online!

Many thanks for the folding instructions to Matthias Eichel and Stefan Delecat.

Pentagon (large)
Pentagon (small)

Stefan Delecat: Euro Shirt with Tie

Video folding instructions on


Photo: Stefan Delecat

SWR Fernsehen RP, TV report, 12/07/2018:
Faltlabor in Mainz - Informatiker eröffnet Origamiwerkstatt