News on Our Society and Around the Art of Paper Folding

Coronavirus with RNA

277 pieces incl. RNA inside
Paper: 10x10 cm
Diameter: 25 cm

Coronavirus Model by Angelika Spindler

DNA-4 Molecule by Thoki Yenn

Folder/Photo: Angelika Spindler

Regional Meeting „Bremen-und-umzu“: Origami in Times of COVID-19

Picture 1 (by Barbara Janssen-Frank)
Picture 2 (by Renate Britz)

New date for the OD general meeting: 19th September 2020, 11 am

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Invitation with agenda

Online form for notification of attendance/nonattendance at the General Assembly 2020
Please send it to us by 31.08.2020.

Stern für Gabi Horn, Dresden

Diagram by Matthias Eichel

Stern für Gabi Horn

Photo: Matthias Eichel

New Book: Origami - 25 Sterne

by Carmen Sprung
Origami - 25 Sterne
Cover: Carmen Sprung

Further information and ordering at

New Book: Shaping Paper: Breathing Life into Origami

by David Gachepapier (Author) and Dáša Ševerová (Illustrator)
Foto: David Gachepapier

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