News on Our Society and Around the Art of Paper Folding

Coronavirus with RNA

277 pieces incl. RNA inside
Paper: 10x10 cm
Diameter: 25 cm

Coronavirus Model by Angelika Spindler

DNA-4 Molecule by Thoki Yenn

Folder/Photo: Angelika Spindler

Regional Meeting „Bremen-und-umzu“: Origami in Times of COVID-19

Picture 1 (by Barbara Janssen-Frank)
Picture 2 (by Renate Britz)

New date for the OD general meeting: 19th September 2020, 11 am

Further information

Invitation with agenda

Online form for notification of attendance/nonattendance at the General Assembly 2020
Please send it to us by 31.08.2020.

CREATIVA 2020 - New date: 16 to 20 September 2020

For more information on the postponement, see

As is tradition, the group of folders around Dirk Eisner is organising the OD stand at the
CREATIVA in Dortmund.
The focus will be on the model of the crane as a symbol of peace, health and a long life.
Creative helpers are being sought for a variety of tasks like decoration and visitor support.
If you want to help out, please contact Dirk Eisner (Dirk Eisner).

Folding instructions for a crane chain

Stern für Gabi Horn, Dresden

Diagram by Matthias Eichel

Stern für Gabi Horn

Photo: Matthias Eichel

New Book: Origami - 25 Sterne

by Carmen Sprung
Origami - 25 Sterne
Cover: Carmen Sprung

Further information and ordering at

New Book: Shaping Paper: Breathing Life into Origami

by David Gachepapier (Author) and Dáša Ševerová (Illustrator)
Foto: David Gachepapier

More information at

The Pentagon Calendar for 2020 is online!

Many thanks for the folding instructions to Stefan Delecat.

Pentagon (large)
Pentagon (small)